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The Rewind Agent Very Limited Edition Giclee NFT Print of 5

The Rewind Agent Very Limited Edition Giclee NFT Print of 5

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Welcome mortal we at 1 Bit Horror are proud to release our first product offering. This item is a cursed Rewind Agent Giclee Print which has an edition of five. In addition each print comes with a cursed floppy disk that will house an unique 1/1 NFT animation. Which disk you recieve is random. Lastly each item comes with a certificate of authenticity stamped with a cursed sigil to prove to your friends, family and blood enemies that this is an authentic product.


Disclaimer: Please note we will never reprint or remake cursed items doing so will anger dark and eldritch gods. In addition when you buy one of our items your soul or animating entity becomes property of 1 Bit Horror. We will be sending you a contract with the item reflecting this agreement as well do sign it before displaying your cursed item..

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