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1 Bit Horror Limited Edition Shirt

1 Bit Horror Limited Edition Shirt

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LIMITED EDTION of 45 Never to be made again 

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Introducing the most cursed t-shirt our 1-Bit Horror Capitalism shirt! This unique and creepy garment is sure to turn heads 360 degrees.

The T-Shirt is made from high-quality materials and one orphan soul per shirt. The image on the pocket is the sigil for consumption and avarice perfect for these modern times.

But what makes this t-shirt truly special is its cursed nature. Some customers have reported strange occurrences while wearing the shirt, including cold spots, strange noises, wealth accumulation and stigmata. If you encounter these issues congratulations you are chosen. 

Whether you're a fan of shirts, money, or slaying god and pulling the pulsing heart from his cathedral chest the Capitalism shirt is for you and remember don't think just consume.

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Customer Reviews

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Mark B
Love it!

Great Shirt I'm digging it the pocket is handy

John H
Cool Shirt

I really dig it, well printed and the pocket is handy came with some free stickers too!

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